Changing Attitude of the Indian Society towards Ageing & Disabled People as Presented in Bollywood Movies

                              “Tum hi ho Mata, Pita tum hi ho,                                 Tum hi ho Bandhu, Sakha tum hi ho.” It is a famous song in the Indian society from ages and in this song, the Almighty God is being compared to father and mother. So such was the attitude of the Indian society towards their parents. Not only parent but earlier there was great respect for other elders including grand-parents, uncle-aunt and any other relative and neighbour. But now the society has seen a tremendous change in the attitude of people towards elders especially ageing people.          With the advent of Globalization, commercialism and professionalism have reached its peak. With this change, the attitude of people towards religion and culture has changed. Now, there is a tremendous change in the life-styles of people. Their ways of living, dressing-sense, eating and even thinking is rapidly changing day by day. Now, life has become so fast especially in the big cities like

Book Review of Diorama of Three Diaries

Diorama of Three Diaries Book Review: Diorama of Three Diaries (A Collection of Poems by Sonnet Mondal) Authorspress (Pages-165) ISBN: 978-81-7273-610-1 Year of release:-2011 Review By: Dr Shamenaz Associate Professor Dept. of Applied Sciences & Humanities AIET, Allahabad. Diorama of Three Diaries (A Collection of Poems by Sonnet Mondal) Poetry is something which comes out from a writer’s mind, heart and sometimes even soul. This is true in the context of Sonnet Mondal, who is a rising star in the sky of Indian English Poetry. His Diorama of Three Diaries is a collection of poem based on many themes like- nature, spirituality, mysticism, problems relating to his country and world. The very first poem, The Wait seems to reflect the agony of a person. May be Sonnet Mondal is depressed to see the present plight of his country and his state and he has tried to show the pathetic situation of the poor people but he

Book Review of The Dance of Peacock by Vivekanand Jha

Jha, Vivekanand.   The Dance of Peacock . USA: Hidden Book Press, 2013. ISBN 978-1-927725-00-9 (pbk.) Reviewed By: Dr Shamenaz, Associate Professor & Head, Dept. of Applied Sciences & Humanities, Allahabad Institute of Engineering & Technology, Allahabad The Dance of the Peacock   is an anthology of English poetry from India by Vivekanand Jha. It is the poetry collection consisting poetry composed by Poets of 21st century. He has dedicated the poetry collection to Maa & Bapuji. The Dance of the Peacock   is a symbolic title used by the Editor. It is so because as peacock is our national bird and its dance is a spectacular display in the same way the book is showcasing contemporary Indian poetry in English by Indian and diasporic Indians. As India is considered as a country of unity in diversity so in the same way the anthology is the celebration of this diversity; focusing poets from many different states of India having different mother tongues and poets of d

Book Review of 7th Destination by Benazir Patil

Patil, Benazir. The 7 th Destination . Patridge India, 2014. Pages 310, 495.00. ISBN 978-1-4828-1938-0. Reviewed by: Dr. Shamenaz, Associate Professor (English), Dept. of Applied Sciences & Humanities, Allahabad Institute of Engineering & Technology, Allahabad. The 7 th Destination : a journey unfolding the path of seventy times seven is a maiden novel by Dr. Benazir Patil who is a development specialist by profession. Being born in India, she has been working with several social development organizations both in India and internationally. She has been associated with humanitarian works and has directly touched the lives of the discriminated and disadvantaged. She is a PhD in Public Health Policy and is the author of many academic books.          Khudabakhsh, the protagonist of the novel is an orphan brought up by Zeba, who was a magnanimous story-teller with mystical stories related with Prophets and Saints. She had a bundles of stories based on moral & ethical

Book Review of 'The Door is Half Open' by Susheel K Sharma

Susheel Kumar Sharma, The Door is Half Open . New Delhi: Adhyayan Publishers & Distributors. 2012. ISBN: 978-81-8435-341-9. pages 141, 150.00/US $ 10.00 /UK £ 15.00 Reviewed By:  Shamenaz, Assistant Professor (English), Dept. of Humanities, Allahabad Institute of Engineering & Technology, Allahabad. Courthope defines poetry as an art of producing pleasure by just expression of imaginative thoughts and feelings in metrical language. This is reflected by Susheel Kumar Sharma’s poems in his second collection, The Door is Half Open, that has appeared after thirteen years. Much water has flown in the Ganges since 1999, the year in which the first collection of his poems, From the Core Within, appeared. The 52 poems in the volume are based on many themes like religious, social, cultural, and political and economic and personal history. The first poem in the collection is ‘Ganga Mata – A Prayer’ is the poet’s tribute to the river Ganga, a goddess in Hindu cultu